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With impeccable natural environment, Adelaide is one of the world’s most liveable cities.  Its excellent urban planning, where traditional architecture and green belts are retained and allocated respectively.   According to the global consumer price index, the index of Adelaide is 20% lower than that of Sydney and Melbourne, meaning a relatively lower living cost when you are studying there.

In addition, Adelaide has been ranked at the forefront of Australian education, there are numerous prestigious institutions located in the city.  For example, University of Adelaide has been one of the world-class universities since its establishment.   Among the 16 Nobel Prize winners in Australia, five of them are graduates of the University of Adelaide.  

While studying at Adelaide, students are able to get to know the local Australian culture, living environment and unique learning tips leading to the path of their further studies in Australian universities.


Expert in providing reliable Australia study tour services

Established in 1994, GEC International Education Center (GEC) is an expert in providing reliable Australia study tour services to students and parents.  Its headquarter is located at Adelaide, South Australia.  Since 1998, GEC has expanded its services to China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.  Students would be able to enjoy a full range of services and detailed tour arrangments, allowing them to adapt to the new environment and local lifestyle upon arrival.

Accredited by South Australia's Department for Education and Child Development, Government of South Australia, GEC has in depth knowledge of the latest application procedures for renowned Australian institutions.  Students will be enrolled to selected institutions in Adelaide, they will have the opportunities to join the highly anticipated educational activities, e.g. STEM learning sessions, various "forest activities”, panoramic plane tours, natural exploration trips, etc.  Undoubtedly, students will broaden their horizons through these local experience, while preparing for their future studies.  Upon completion of the trip, students will be awarded a Certificate of completion by the local education department.

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